Unveiling Green Living Walls: Understanding Irrigation

living green walls and vertical gardens outdoor -comprehensive services in San Francisco Bay AreaIn spaces where horizontal room is scarce but vertical potential is abundant, green walls become the perfect solution, blending plants with impactful design. Green wall technologies continue to evolve, offering various systems to choose from. Regardless of the system type, most green walls rely on one of two irrigation methods: recirculating and direct irrigation. Typically, larger green walls use direct irrigation, while smaller walls opt for recirculating systems, although there can be exceptions.

Both recirculating and direct irrigation systems often use timers or controllers. These devices dictate when to activate and deactivate the irrigation system, the duration of watering cycles, and, in some cases, the specific areas to target. Some green walls, especially larger ones, have multiple irrigation zones, enabling different sections to receive water at varying rates.

Each irrigation system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Reach out to us today for personalized guidance in determining the ideal solution for your space.

Recirculating Irrigation Systems

As the name suggests, recirculating irrigation systems recycle water. In this setup, an irrigation tank acts as the water source, situated either remotely or directly beneath the green wall. The tank requires manual filling at regular intervals to ensure a sufficient supply of irrigation water. Water pumps from the tank to the green wall, where it distributes among the plants. Excess water trickles down due to gravity, collecting at the wall’s base to feed back into the tank, creating a closed-loop system.

Direct Irrigation Systems

Contrasting recirculating systems, direct irrigation systems eliminate the need for water tanks and pumps. Instead, water sources directly from an external water supply, such as city water, and may infuse with fertilizers if necessary. The existing water pressure in the lines obviates the need for additional pumps. Water channels to the green wall and evenly distributes among the plants. Any surplus water, driven by gravity, collects and directs towards a sewer drain, rather than being recirculated.

Manual Watering

A third irrigation method, manual watering, involves individuals caring for the green wall by manually supplying water using receptacles like wheeled tanks or watering cans. This method is typically employed for smaller green walls, such as those resembling a large-screen TV or a painting. Manual irrigation eliminates the need for electricity and plumbing, offering a simple yet effective approach to nurturing the plants.

Discover the Right Irrigation Solution

At Bay Area Green Walls, we specialize in green wall services and can help you navigate the intricacies of irrigation systems. To learn more about our expertise and explore how we can transform your space, send us a quick email. Let us guide you toward creating a thriving and captivating green wall that adds life and beauty to your surroundings.